Writing Sentences, 6"x6"

Transcontinent, 6"x6"

collage, maps, art, gift

Comparative Time, 6"x6"

collage, maps, art, gift

Great Manitoulin Island, 6"x6"

Special Geography, 7"x7"

Odyssey, 7"x7"

The Lost Tribes, 7"x7"

Silent Letters, 7"x7"

Geography, 7"x7"

Anticlea, Zeus, 7"x7"

Columbia Correos, 7"x7"

Oceanica, 6" x6"

Oceanica, 7"x7"

Cairo and the Nile, 7"x7"

Armenian Strip, 5"x5"

New Philadelphia, 6"x6"

Chippewa, Mackinac, 6"x6"

The Eastern Hemisphere, 6"x6"

Barnes Complete Geography, 6"x6"

Books and Boise City, 6"x6"

Plan von Wein, 7"x7"

Gloves, Cloaks, Fur, 7"x7"

Tom Good Boy, 7"x7"

Desert Zephyrs, 7"x7"

Exam, 7"x7"

Map of India, 6"x6"

Principal Seaports, 6"x6"

Mercury, Venus, Earth, 6"x6"

Warschau, 6"x6"

Silver and Gold, 6"x6"

The Orbit of Venus, 6"x6"

Phoebus, 6"x6"

Morgan, 6"x6"

The Mississippi and its Delta, 6"x6"

Prussia, Madrid, Lisbon, 8" x12"

Statistical Tables, 10" x12"

Circleville, 6"x6"

Vegetation, Animals, 7"x7"

The Oceans, 7"x7"

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