History and Intent

I am an artist originally from Chicago and now living in Durham, NC. I have been working for twenty-five years with assemblage, found object sculpture, installation, metal work and oil painting. I have always been drawn to used materials, re-purposed to create new work. My most recent work is exclusively collage, repurposing texts and images from old books and letters. I typically use early twentieth century materials as I prefer to work with the higher quality papers that were in common use at that time. I'm primarily drawn to geography, astronomy, philosophy, medical, foreign language and school books. The pieces show here, as the website name suggests, are made from torn rather than cut papers. I chose this approach so that I can focus on color, texture, composition, form and line rather than meaning. I use words and text for their shape and pattern rather than their intended knowledge based purpose.

Work with Me

If you have a specific request  for a collage that incorporates a particular theme or color, or alludes to a person or place, I am available for commissions. I can work with my own materials or those that you provide. 

Please get in touch with me using my contact form to discuss materials, rates and scheduling for personalized commissions.

View Past Work

You can view my older work; found object sculpture, assemblage, installation, metal work and painting at


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